NanoInnovation 2017 Rome

Cocktail Tasting

Nano Innovation 2017 Rome | Cocktail Tasting

Cocktail Tasting in collaboration with Warrant Group

MIXARTISTA had an unforgettable experience at the Nano Innovation 2017 event in Rome. Nano Innovation is a trade show and conference for micro and nanotechnology. The main scope of this trade fair shows is to show the latest innovation and achievements in these areas. Is an important meeting point for Italian and international companies and research institutions, to learn about updates, find out new opportunities and discover new realities. 

In this opportunity, MIXARTISTA was part of the event, in collaboration with the Warrant Group, organising an unforgettable cocktail tasting. Researchers, technologists, entrepreneurs, and participants had the privilege to taste a cocktail prepared in a spectacular way.

The Cocktail Tasting  took place on September 27, afternoon, at the Sapienza University of Rome.  All the participants, that attended to the “Technical multi-track with parallel SYMPOSIA”  had the opportunity to choose between 8 classic cocktails and a special cocktail recipe, created exclusively for the event. The NanoInnovation cocktail was a creation inspired in the innovation of mixing Gin, Bitter Martini, Martini Rosso and San Benedetto Ginger, an special request that we enjoy to prepare. Of course, this theme cocktail was the favorite one. We had a beautiful evening, serving and sharing some joy with all the participants in the beautiful Sapienza University.

MIXARTISTA is always present in the most exclusive events!

Here the link to the Official Program of that day:


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