The protagonist of R2B 2017

MIXARTISTA – The protagonist of R2B 2017

MIXARTISTA has been one of the start-ups protagonists of Smau Bologna R2B 2017, in June 8 and 9; confirming the excellence of our passion for the innovation and the industrial sector. Different entrepreneurial realities have passed by our stand to admire the “robotic-barman”, that is how everybody called us.  

The Smau Bologna | R2B 2017 (Research and Business) is the appointment of reference for all entrepreneurs and business decision makers of different industries located in the Italian territory. In this event, is possible to develop proper business opportunities, through the most advanced technological solutions, find the best partners and even though meaningful cases of success.  The SMAU is not just a national roadshow, but a business platform for companies and all the ones that are looking for technological opportunities in the digital world and in potential successful startups.

Smau offre un laboratorio di innovazione e un marketplace di opportunità di business dove scoprire, incontrare e acquisire nuove idee, progetti e partner strategici.

They have also been a lot of journalistic headings that have spoken about MIXARTISTA like: Il Resto del Carlino, Il Messaggero and La Repubblica. In Bologna, everybody is speaking about the preparing cocktails in a perfect way, with the help of a machine, designed to surprise everyone, thanks to its design.

After this experience, in the Smau Bologna, MIXARTISTA is confirmed to be at the level of the new trends of industrial innovation that will characterize our future.

Take a look to this article that explains more about MIXARTISTA: http://www.smau.it/bologna17/partner_news/39617

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