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Why should I choose a Cocktail Dispenser?

The Opportunity: why should I choose MIXARTISTA? A cocktail dispenser is a solution I’m looking for?

Are you still wondering why should you invest in an automatic alcohol dispenser? Here you can find the main benefits and numbers that you are looking for!

  • 20%Reduction in Liquor Costs 
  • 100% Reportability of Liquor Dispensing 
  • Receive real-time alerts when you are running out of stock

Consider that the average monthly bar loses are about 20% of its sales due to theft, free drinks, spilled drinks and, other expenses. This means that you lose $4000 – $10000 per month
without even knowing it. Overall hospitality industry loses even a whopping $11 billion per month. Thanks to the technology of MIXARTISTA, you will have a high level of control of the inventory and the cocktail orders that will be stored in the cloud. You won’t have to worry more about your stock, with MIXARTISTA, you will receive real timing alerts when you are running out of stock. And at the end of the week or month, you will have access to the Consumption Summary Report.

All cocktails will follow the recipe stored in the system with the perfect pouring (Live Trackability of Liquors), so will not only have control over the alcohol consumption but also all your guests and customers will have consistent drinks always because the algorithm respects the original recipes. It’s possible to choose between weak, normal or strong drinks, and still track every order – a smart way to charge more when customers ask for a strong drink!

Let’s talk about speed. With MIXARTISTA you can assure:

  • 50% Faster preparation 
  • 50% Increase in Speed of Service 
  • 0$ Bartending Training Cost 

MIXARTISTA prepares 1,5 cocktails per minute, compared to the 1 drink per minute (average) when prepared by hand only. This is a solution to improve your service, as cocktails are ready faster, also your orders. As a result, happier customers!  And what about new cocktail recipes? With MIXARTISTA is very easy to upload more recipes, whenever you want because all of them will be stored in the cloud. It won’t be necessary to spend money on bartending training costs thanks to the updated recipes that follow the latest cocktail trends.

We thought that a cocktail machine should be also attractive and elegant even when no one is using it. MIXARTISTA is an example of Italian design, it’s a thing to admire!

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